A Diverse mix that inspires you to act

Thanks to these wonderful speakers we have learned about the industry and its challenges as a whole, heard stories from innovative sustainable fashion brands, found out about how to act in this field as investors and discovered what the big conventional players are up to.


Lucy Shea 

Lucy Shea is the Chief Executive Officer of Futerra, an award-winning sustainability communications agency with offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Stockholm and Mexico.

She joined the business in 2003 and has grown it from a startup of 5 to a global change agency. Futerra isn’t just a logical sustainability consultancy or a magical creative agency; it is both. Lucy is an expert in the business of fashion and sustainability, advising clients such as Kering and C&A Foundation. She radically reimagined garment recycling over a decade ago by creating Swishing, the global clothes swapping movement. Lucy has sat on Fashion Revolution’s Global Organising Committee since its inception in 2014.



Christina Dean is the heart and soul of Redress. Since she started Redress in 2007 as Founder and spokesperson, and has steered the organisation’s powerful course towards a more sustainable future with less waste in the fashion industry. Voted one of the UK Vogue’s Top 30 Inspirational Women, Christina delivers the Redress message to the world through talks, seminars, thought-leadership pieces and documentaries. 

Inge Wallage

Inge Wallage is the Director of Communication of the global initiative Fashion for Good that wants to bring industry players together to "reimagine how fashion is designed, made, used and reused".

She forged a career in the private sector before making the leap from the oil industry to environmental campaigning. Her 20+ years of professional experience encompass international management and leadership, change and issue management, and communication strategy


Tenke Zoltani

Tenke Zoltani is an expert in the field of impact investing, focusing on strategic planning, innovation and transactions. She was most recently Director, Impact Investing at UBS. Tenke is a CAIA charterholder, and was selected as a 2013 Global Economic Symposium Fellow. She is a Committee Member for 100 Women in Hedge Funds, an Executive Committee member of Sustainable Finance Geneva, and on the advisory boards of the AlphaMundi Foundation and Impact Finance.

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Veronica D’Souza

Veronica D’Souza, founder and CEO of Carcel, a new type of fashion label, manufactured by women in Prison. Veronica has been recognized as a ‘Global Shaper’ under Word Economic Forum, has co-founded the award-winning social business Ruby Cup and is the co-author of ‘The Road Map for Sustainable Leadership’ among many things up and down her sleeve.