Because we want to inspire, motivate and provoke people at a systems level;
integrating mind, body and spirit in order to make our world a
more sustainable and connected place.


Silja Nyboe Andersen

Silja Nyboe Andersen is an avid connector with a personal mission to develop creative initiatives that spark conversation and inspire action for positive social and environmental change.

In the past three years she has curated and run impact programmes for next generation family business members.

Silja has a wealth of experience from her four years at The Big Issue, one of the most disruptive social businesses in the UK.In addition she is a Director of a family owned sustainable forestry company and a board member of the charity Trampolinhuset. Silja holds an MSc in Economics from Copenhagen University with courses from LSE and CBS.



Stephanie von Meiss is a humble sustainability activist. With a background in sustainability consulting, business consulting and media, she has recently organised the Nexus Youth Summit in London, a renowned impact investment conference for next generation family members as well as started The Klosters Forum, a new platform in Switzerland to tackle current humanitarian and environmental issues. 

Following her passion for ethical fashion, she simultaneously ventured into her own start up with the aim to reform the supply chain norm. 

Stephanie holds an MA in Sustainability and CSR from EOI in Madrid, and an MA in Business Studies from Edinburgh University including a year at London School of Economics. She’s an English-Swiss national currently living in London and Zurich.